European Limestone

The major benefit of using limestone from the quarries in Europe is that we can be confident that the stone has been tested and comes with a UKCA Certificate (formerly CE Certificate)

Belgian Limestone

The best known Belgian Limestones are the black limestones. The more common one has grey fossils in a black background and the other is simply plain black. 

English Limestone

English Limestone is mainly used as a building stone but there are also some excellent flooring stones. Find our more on our English Limestone page.

French Limestone

French limestone is regarded as the ultimate limestone for floor and wall tiling as well as for architectural masonry. As the leading specialist supplier of French limestone, our range is second to none.

German Limestone

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Portuguese Limestone

Portuguese limestone. Portugese Limestone here.

Italian Limestone

Italy is rightly famous for its marbles but some of them are actually limestones. Botticino, seen above, is one of them. See more Italian Limestone here.

Spanish Limestone

There is more to Spanish Limestone than just Crema Marfil and Marron Imperial.Have a closer look at our Spanish Limestone range.