Italian Limestone

 Of the Italian Limestones, Botticino is probably the best known but there are many more used as building stones.

Our range includes:


Within this range, many of the quarries have several layers or beds of stone (known as benches) that can have different technical and aesthetic properties. Please call and we will be happy to discuss the details.

The most popular of our Italian Limestones will be shown in more detail below – watch this space. But, in the meantime, if you do not see what you want, please get in touch.

Italian Limestone


Suitable for: 

Other names:

Samples of italian Limestone

We keep small samples of many of these Italian Limestones in our samples showroom in Arborfield near Reading, Berkshire that you can take away with you. We also have some larger samples to view. Small samples can be sent out by post or courier. The samples are free of charge if you cover the cost of the postage.