Frontenac French Limestone

Lavoux French Limestone is also known as Lépine Limestone and is famous as a carving and building stone. In recent times, it is often used as a replacement for the Caen stone that was first brought into the UK by William the Conqueror in the Norman Conquests of 1066.

Lavoux Fin - carved by Andrian Melka

Lavoux Fin

Description: A white limestone from south west France. Very fine grain with tiny shell fossils from the lower bench in the Lavoux quarry. One of the great carving stones.

Suitable for: Wall cladding, Masonry, Carving

Other names: Lépine

Lavoux French limestone - replacement for Caen limestone

Lavoux à Grain

Description: A warm white limestone from south west France. Fine grain with tiny shell fossils. Used as a replacement for Caen stone on many heritage and new build projects.

Suitable for: Wall cladding, Masonry, 

Other names: Lépine

Samples of Lavoux French Limestone

We keep samples of Lavoux (also known as Lépine) and many other French and European Limestones in our samples showroom in Arborfield near Reading, Berkshire that you can take away with you. We also have larger samples to view. Small samples can be sent out by post or courier. Up to three samples are free but we make a small charge to cover the cost of the courier.

For trade customers only, we have a separate web site purely for French limestone which is operated in conjunction with several of the major French quarries. Architects, designers and stone trade professionals can visit  Pierre Heritage GB.

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